Welcome everyone to my busy mama page

Welcome to 1 busy mama!  This is my first blog today. I am a mama of 4 beautiful kiddos. I wanted to start this blog to talk about different topics and help other mamas and dadas with everyday life. I will be talking about a host of products, doing reviews, parenting tips/opinions and just being a mama. I wanted to share some of my own ideas and experiences as well as offer suggestions and some sites that I have encountered along the way.

I have a new 12 week old baby boy and let's start off by talking on the subject of pregnancy. My pregnancies have all been rather different and in the end filled with lots of joys. I have had the hardest and exhausting pregnancies and wanted to share that with everyone. Having nausea and vomiting through the entire pregnancy also known as hyperemesis gravidarum. Has anyone else out there had this or newly diagnosed with questions, comments or concerns?

Are there any mamas that had wonderful pregnancies and what have you experienced that you would like to share?  Since I was not as fortunate I can live vicariously through you.  I would like also discuss delivery experiences, whether you had a rough one or an easy one, I want to hear it!

I have had 1 vaginal delivery and 3 c-sections.  All different from each other and end result was a baby.  My first delivery was no cake walk but definitely memorable.  I had an urgent need to brush my teeth and comb my hair as I was fully dilated and baby was ready to come out.  Things to laugh at.  I believe it was a combination of nerves and my OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder-self diagnosed LOL).  C-sections are so very different, you show up and next thing you know there is a baby!  WOW!  Ultimately each pregnancy and delivery are their own special time and mamas everywhere can relate to one another.  Let's start sharing......

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